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Write Away with Nat & PJ

Jan 15, 2021

Join Nat & PJ in conversation with memoirist and writing coach Nadine Kenney Johnstone about ways to make friends with your goals and your creative process so they don't punch you in the face and leave you for dead in the land of broken...

Dec 27, 2020

Join Nat and PJ in conversation with debut author Dana Swift about writing romance and magic that readers will devour. 

Dec 15, 2020

Join Nat & PJ in conversation with cartoonist and NYT Bestseller Bob Eckstein about 2020 and finding creativity under the rubble of stress. 

Dec 1, 2020

Join Nat & PJ in conversation with Dr. Georgianna Miller for an episode all about meeting reading goals and gifting books!

Nov 1, 2020

Nat & PJ interview Elayna Mae Darcy, 16 year NaNoWriMo participant, and Phillidelphia Municipal Liason. Join the conversation about the changes 2020 brings, and what's staying the same!